Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hip Hops New Risk Taker!!!!

Over the past year Hip Hop for the female industry has taking a turn, and Miss Nicki Minaj has been stepping up to the plate making head turning moves. Whether its within her lyrics, hair styles and wardrobe attire she's been definitely making a statement worldwide by going above the usual and safe looks. In this look below I've put together an outfit that I can DEF see her pull off. In these outstanding Alexander McQueen leggings Nicki would absolutely bring some fire to the stage.

Live, Laugh, Love and be FLY!!!!

Alexander McQueen nylon legging
4 695 SEK -

Alexander McQueen peep toe boot
$1,312 -

Costume necklace
905 GBP -

Alex and Chloe large ring
$180 -

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